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Request for help from Aker Biomarine

Posted about 1 month ago by Benjamin Miller

Greetings to the Puget Sound Nurse Practitioner Association (PSNPA) and its Members,

We/Aker BioMarine (AKBM) would like to speak with Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who work and/or have an interest in rheumatology.  We would like to ask the NPs 5-7 questions to get their thoughts and experiences surrounding nutrition/supplementation in Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) patients and a Clinical Trial (see below).  The question period should last 15 minutes.

The information is for us to better understand NPs’ and patients’ needs, and how a nutritional intervention may play a role in assisting in the management of patients’ lupus symptomology and disease from a NP’s perspective.  This is not a marketing researching project.  It is only an informal, “off the record” and unofficial way of getting NPs’ opinions. Can you help in arranging these phones calls with NPs? 

AKBM, in collaboration with the Lupus Research Alliance (LRA), is conducting a clinical trial investigating the effects of krill oil (n-3 PUFA Phospholipids) in SLE patients, with the aim of reducing lupus symptomology and disease.  The trial’s principal investigating site and investigator is the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), NY and Jane Salmon, MD, respectively.   Here are links to Clinical Trial information:

  2. LRA Press Release
  3. Clinical Trial Patient Information Site

We hope this initiative will serve as a first-step towards a collaborative relationship between AKBM and the PSNPA. 

Thanking you,


Michel Lockhart

Direct Tel: 1-438-930-6453